Project 5 - uhhh??m

Project 4a - Weather suit (john linnell)

End product: silly costume suit jacket with bow tie

  • 5 yards: medium weight cotton, bright blue
  • 1/2 yard: medium weight cotton, white
  • 1 1/2 yard: medium weight cotton, black
  • 1/4 yard: any fabric, yellow (I'm using quilting cotton)
  • 3yard: medium weight iron-on interfacing
  • 1x suit pattern (will need to be modified)
  • 8x small buttons (yellow)
  • 4x large buttons (yellow)
  • 1x zipper (fly)
  • 2x shoulder pads

    Current progress: completed suit jacket for the most part. i want to add more applique but I already wore it for halloween (:.

    Notes: This is very daunting, biggest project yet. so many pieces. I'm also going for some unconventional shapes so I need to understand the pattern pieces well to edit them. I'm not lining the jacket right now which is making me kind of nervous tooo 11/21 This project was really difficult. I didn't end up making the pants and the jacket has some issues but overall i'm really happy with it. I learned a ton about patterning and how I like clothes to fit as well as lapels!

    Credit for this idea goes to @sillysymbol on tumblr! I love these designs, and hope to make the one flans is wearing in the future!!! shout out to symbol your art is so cool anf d the best
    right one☟ here

    Project 3 - Glean Sweatshirt

    End product: Hooded sweatshirt

    Shopping List:

    Current progress: Sweatshirt done, need to finish + apply embroidery!

    Notes: first time making a hoodie. looks easier than a button-down shirt. also first time embroidering. I'm not great, but getting better! I'm really excited for my fabric to get here- might be a month. in the meantime, I'll practice embroidery.

    9/29 this was a lot of fun to make and way easier than a button-down shirt. i gained a lot of xp making those. it's very cozy material, and I wear it often despite it not being totally done. all that's left is adding the embroidered bits.


    Project 2 - Apollo 18 Shirt

    End product: Long-sleeved Button-down shirt

    Material: Poplin Cotton

    Shopping List:

    Current progress: Material arrived

    Notes: Hoping that with my new button down shirt experience, I will do better! Credit for the idea to Timbits

    Project 1.5 - TMBG Self Titled shirt v2

    End product: Short-sleeved Button-down shirt

    Material: Twill Cotton

    Notice: second attempt, but ran into many more issues. not optimal.

    Shopping List:

    Current progress: Completed! I might add embroidered details later.

    Notes: while trying to edit the pattern to fit better, I accidentally fucked it up. had to add pink strips on sides of the back as well as the yoke. added placket, but didn't catch the hem at the top so there's a bit of raw edge. the collar piece is ready to attach, it's just difficult to do, and takes a lot of attention to detail. The twill fabric is heavier than I'd like, but it's alright. I think I can work through it. on the back, the sign portion of the album cover is centered. on the actual vinyl, I think it has the track listing on it, but the edit I'm using is blank. I have this dream of having john and john's signatures right there. I have the show coming up realllly soon so maybe I'll finish it in time! if I dont, maybe I'll bring the old shirt or one of my vinyls if I want something signed.

    After some work, it looks pretty good except for a few problem areas on the sleeves. main issue is I fucked up the button holes again, and it's a little narrower than i'd like. I think I like the heavier weight fabric though.

    Done as of 8/30! I'm actually really happy with it!

    9/1: wore it to the TMBG concert, which was truly AMAZING... The band doesn't stick around to sign, though.


    Left - old shirt, Right - New shirt

    Project 1 - TMBG Self Titled shirt

    End product: Short-sleeved Button-down shirt

    Material: Poplin Cotton

    Notice: this was a first attempt. I ordered only 1 yard of custom printed fabric, and had to use some extra pink cotton to augment the pieces.

    Shopping List:

    Current progress: Completed, needs tweaks - issue under arm, fix buttons

    Notes: didn't order enough fabric, but happy with the effect of strips of plain pink. mirrored image created creepy 4-head creature, and a white strip through the middle. didn't mark the lines on the pattern, so the shoulders and arms are somewhat asymmetrical. Didn't know how to use button-holer yet, so those are a bit scuffed. Didn't sew on buttons well enough, but that can be easily fixed. No placket was included in this pattern. fortunately, the shirt is wearable and defects aren't very noticeable if not pointed out.